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Green and Eco Friendly Reusable Shopping Bags


If you are looking for eco friendly shopping bags for your business or domestic affairs, you are at the right place here. We are committed to the conservation of the environment. Therefore, we offer reusable tote bags that are made ​​from recyclable materials. Our reusable shopping bags are fancy and stylish besides being ecological and reusable.

Common Uses of GBAG’s Eco Friendly Shopping Bags: 

Woven Polypropylene Bags ManufacturersOur bags are used in many ways:

  • Retail Shopping
  • Promotion of Business
  • Trade Shows / Corporate Events Bags
  • Conferences & Exhibitions Bags
  • Used by schools and churches for food drives and fund raising ideas
  • Insulated bags are used for food carrying
  • Gorgeous bags for gift packing
  • Used by high-end boutique shops for presenting valuables


Gbag is amongst the earlier Woven Polypropylene Bags manufacturers. Our stylish and eco friendly reusable tote bags are coupled with cheaper prices. Our bags are made with environmental friendly materials like fabric, polypropylene, polyester, cotton, jute etc. that meet all environmental standards.


We recommend you to demonstrate your business’s commitment towards nature and preservation of the environment using our bags which are reusable and even recyclable.

Key Features of GBAG’s Eco Friendly Shopping Bags:

  • All of our bags are made from eco friendly materials.
  • We also use eco-friendly inks. The standard for maximum lead content level is 100 ppm which we test time and again during our quality control tests.
  • We guarantee that our bags are recyclable.
  • Our bags are always in compliance with International Standards and local rules & regulations.


Whole world is highly concerned about global warming / pollution in this century and top brains are striving hard to help reduce these problems and provide alternative solutions. Gbag’s green shopping bags are amongst those solutions as these bags can be used again and again. In an effort towards safer environment, marketing gurus and experts are recommending use of reusable tote bags.


Some US states have enacted legislation on use of eco friendly shopping bags and restricted the sale of polluting plastic bags. Several other countries, regions and cities also have put a ban over sale and use of disposable plastic bags and encouraged the use of reusable bags. Independently, many shopping marts and departmental stores have also banned disposable plastic shopping bags.


Why we should use Reusable Tote Bags?

  • High-quality, reusable bags don’t harm the environment.
  • These bags are not discarded after each use.
  • Plastic shopping bags are harmful to environment.
  • Non eco friendly bags take hundreds of year to decompose and degrade.
  • Plastic bags break down to toxic particles that pollute soil and water.
  • Other bags use enormous resources in the process of their manufacture.
  • Reusable tote bags are cost effective as we use them many times before we throw them.
  • An alarming number of sea livings die annually because they eat wasted plastic bags in deception of food.
  • Different governments are gradually enacting laws and prohibiting use of disposable plastic bags.